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Wine “handbags” (Undercover Box)

12 Sep


Keen to appeal to fashion savvy consumers, Swedish company Vernissage has released a trio of on-the-go boxed wines shaped to look like designer handbags.

Created by Stockholm-based graphic designer Sofia Blomberg, the so-called Bag-in-Bag wine is made at the Nordic Sea Winery in Sweden run by Takis Soldatos.

The Vernissage range features a:

  • Chardonnay/Viognier blend,
  • Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon blend,
  • Syrah rosé from grapes grown in the Vin de Pays d’Oc.

The wines are packaged in a handbag corresponding to their colour – white, black and pink, finished with a black cord handle and a pop-out spout at one end.

Developed by Blomberg to make the wine inside easy to carry, the handbags are currently on sale in Europe, and will go on sale in the US next month.

12th September, 2012 by Lucy Shaw

via Wine “handbag” trend gaining momentum.

Dialogues, Monologues & Wine

2 Jul

On June 26th, 2012 nearly 250 distributors, retailers, food & beverage directors, wine buyers and others invitees from the U.S. western region converged on the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. for the 2012 Wine Dialogues sponsored by E & J Gallo Winery. Attendees were treated to an insider glimpse of the wine business covering many different subjects such as: the red blend movement, wine in the California central coast, worldwide extreme viticulture, wine & food, digital marketing… All these subjects were supported by the live testimony of experts and the synchronized tasting of wine samples to further validate the matters at hand. The 2012 biennial Wine Dialogues was moderated by Doug Frost M.S. M.W. (Doug is one of only three people in the world to hold both titles).

The overall tone of this symposium was set early on by Doug’s great sense of humor combined with a modicum of modesty which allows him to keep the audience focused and interested which is not an easy feat considering that very few of the guest speakers are actually professional speakers but rather experts in their own field and shared their passion in their own words.

The day started with a meet & greet California style luncheon al fresco on the terrace of the Montage hotel. One of my early observations of the well represented Las Vegas, NV delegation was their comfortable acquaintance with the “wine bar” portion of the buffet!.?

After the obligatory introductions we were ushered into the ballroom of the hotel where we would spend the next 5 hours. Opening remarks came from Roger Nabedian, Senior VP & GM premium wine division E & J Gallo Winery. Mr. Nabedian joined Gallo in 1986 and today oversees 30 different international brands “…the goal is to create a dialogue in order to keep a moving flow of information…” The rest of the day would be broken down in mini seminars. As follow:

Continue reading

The sommelier as endangered species…(Those with a sense of humor may be worth saving)

16 Jan

If you go to the Calafia Cafe, in Palo Alto, you won’t have to wait for a server to take your order. Instead, you just call up the menu on the touch screen mobile pad on your table, look at hi-res digital images of the foods, and then punch in your selections. Let’s say it’s the clams and udon noodles for an appetizer, then the grilled hanger steak for the main course. Your friends do the same thing. Your orders go right to the kitchen. While you’re waiting for the food, you might play a social game on the same tablet; your table’s high scorer at trivia gets $1 off the cost of dessert. Of course, when your food is ready, a real live human being brings it to your table–the tablet can’t do that. But when the meal’s over, you can pay for it with a swipe of your credit card–no waiting for a busy waiter to have to notice you’re ready to leave. You can enter your email and get a digital receipt promptly sent. And, since the night is still young, you can browse the tablet and discover clubs, bars and so on that are right in the neighborhood. Continue reading

California Quiz

5 Jan

Click on the image above and test your knowledge of California…

Have fun!

Lady Gaga, Chinese Penis Potion, Merlot Mani-Pedi…

29 Dec

No aspect of popular culture achieves real acceptance until it’s been incorporated into one of Lady Gaga’s outfits, so I was gratified to see her decked out as a wine bottle with cork hat and wineglass gloves on Saturday Night Live’s spring season finale.

That was one of 2011′s more notable homages to the drink I sip and spit every day of the year. Continue reading

Punishments for drunk monks 1000 years ago

12 Dec


By Burchard of Worms Germany, first half of the eleventh century.This is part of a manuscript leaf from a manual for the instruction and guidance of young monks, written in a German monastery a thousand years ago. The language is Latin and the script Carolingian, on which is based some of the most beautiful printing types still in use today.

It contains punishments for drunk monks:

  • 15 (fifteen) days on bread and water if one drank so much that one vomited;
  • 30 (thirty) days on bread and water if one, when drunk, encouraged others to get drunk;
  • 40 (forty) days on bread and water if, through drunkenness, one vomited the communion wine and sacred host. Continue reading

You too can become a wine snob

22 Nov

New research suggests that you too can become a wine snob

Do you find yourself completely lost whenever your friends go off on long-winded descriptions of a wines aroma and bouquet? Well there may be hope for you yet, you uncultured brute. A new animal study — wherein researchers trained rats to distinguish between three very similar, albeit different, smells — suggests that with training, your sense of smell can actually improve on a neurological level. Heres how it works. Continue reading


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