Black Market Opportunity…

26 Mar


Domaine Jacques Selosse (Avize, Champagne) was burglarized during the night of Thursday March 21st, 2013.

The perps apparently had inside information on where to strike and what to take away. In a well executed robbery the gang backed up to the cellar door which they simply pried open with a tire iron. They then proceeded to load 8 1/2 palettes of champagne (almost 6000 bottles) but the more alarming part of the loot as Anselme Selosse pointed out is the fact that they also took  16 000 labels and 12 000 neck labels which most likely will be used in the manufacturing of counterfeit products.

All the stolen champagne was being readied for export to the U.S. and Japan.

Anselme Selosse is asking all buyers to be on the lookout for suspicious pricing or sudden “unlimited” availability of Selosse champagne.

Tip to consumers: Jacques Selosse champagne uses bottles made of black glass and not the traditional dark green glass

Black glass champagne bottle


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