The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US

4 Apr

In the world of wine, these are the best of the best who run their craft and work hardest to improve the entire wine industry.  They are the most influential to both the trade and consumers.  Their voices influence thousands of other wine personalities and tens of thousands of wine professionals.   They are listed below (not in any particular order):

  • Alder Yarrow – – Alder has been the king of wine bloggers for as long as I can remember wine blogging.  With a fortitude that has outlasted every other blogger, he continues to be one of the most relevant and impactful wine bloggers on the curcuit.  He ascended to even greater heights when he joined Jancis Robinson on Purple Pages.
  • Lenn Thompson/Evan Dawson aka NY Cork Report – – Lenn and Evan (and team) write tirelessly about NY wines and wine appreciation in general.  Though Lenn can be a bit persnickety, he is a dedicated and excellent writer partnered with Evan who is also incredible.  They maintain a firm and strong and relevance beyond NY wines due to the quality of their work.
  • Joe Roberts – – Joe has been the “everyman” wine writer and next in line to take over speaking to the average consumer since the departure of Gary Vaynerchuk.  This year Joe has decided to go full time to wine writing and like Alder, has moved into the big league by earning a regular wine article on which gets approximately 8 million eyeballs a month (I’m sure they all go to read the articles).
  • David White – – David burst onto the scene last year to win the WBC Best New Wine Blog.  He has an uncanny talent for not only writing but earning mainstream press and the respect of some of the most respected professional critics in the world.  He has just started the arc of his career and he’s already a star.
  • Jon Bonne – – Jon influences the influencers (other critics, bloggers, sommeliers, buyers, etc).  He is not only a fantastic blogger but one of the two most respected critics in the United States with a powerful audience of consumers.
  • Eric Asimov – Though the Pour is now defunct, Eric’s blog was the the pinnacle of wine blogs.  The other greatest wine critic in the US, Eric changed the minds of our industry from the top down.  I added him in the hopes that the NYT sees this and brings back the Pour.  Our wine blogging community misses
  • Tom Wark – – Tom doesn’t write about wine per se.  What he does write about is issues (especially regarding wholesalers vs. wineries/retailers) in the wine industry.  His voice as a champion for our industry is pure signal and he influences business leaders throughout the industry.
  • Steve Heimoff – – I think it is clear that Steve and I rarely agree about anything.  But when he is not ranting about social media or succumbing to his need to prove the Enthusiast is as influential as the Spectator or Parker, he is actually a great and influential wine writer.  We just wish he’d write about wine more than his op-eds about the other two topics.
  • Tyler Coleman – – Another one of the great veterans of wine blogging, Tyler brings amazing insights about the world of wine and all the elements surrounding it.  He has a keen understanding of its history and the dynamics that make it run.  He is also very funny at trade events if you ever get to taste wine with  him and in fact I almost got kicked out of an event for chuckling so much from his jokes.  Apologies to Tyler for the late addition (user error).

One to watch – Jameson Fink – – Like David White last year, we expect Jameson to come bursting into the scene and he is already demonstrating not only his unique writing style but his ability to get other digital publications to feature his content.

via The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US – VinTank.


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