Punishments for drunk monks 1000 years ago

12 Dec


By Burchard of Worms Germany, first half of the eleventh century.This is part of a manuscript leaf from a manual for the instruction and guidance of young monks, written in a German monastery a thousand years ago. The language is Latin and the script Carolingian, on which is based some of the most beautiful printing types still in use today.

It contains punishments for drunk monks:

  • 15 (fifteen) days on bread and water if one drank so much that one vomited;
  • 30 (thirty) days on bread and water if one, when drunk, encouraged others to get drunk;
  • 40 (forty) days on bread and water if, through drunkenness, one vomited the communion wine and sacred host.

via http://www.winelit.slsa.sa.gov.au/topdozen.htm

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